Update the iOS

Update the iOS

The iOS is the platform that Apple™ iPads and iPhones run on. Apple usually releases new versions every year. We do not recommend updating unless specifically required for an update of the Expression App. It’s best practice to wait till we approve new versions of iOS before upgrading.

1) On the iPad, go to the home screen. Open the Settings App. In the list on the left tap General. Select Software Update in the right window.


2) Software Update will display the latest update available. Tap Download and InstallIf there is not an update available it will display that you are all up to date.


3) Agree with the terms. Make sure you are connected to a power source, otherwise it will not update.

4) This process can take a while, but can be left unattended while it downloads and installs. Depending on your internet connection it could take up to 30 minutes.

5) Once the iOS update has installed, the iPad will restart, and you will need to configure a few new settings before using your iPad again.

With the iOS update here are a few things they ask

  • Sign in with your Apple ID
  • Agree to new Apple iOS terms
  • Enable or Disable iCloud. Disabled is the preferred setting
  • Register with Apple. Not necessary but you can

6) The iOS is now upgraded and there will no longer be an update available in the Settings.