Expression: Unable to login to the app

The following steps should be done in this order. Click on the step to reveal the instructions.

1) On the iPad, check to see if you have a live internet connection by going to the Safari app and going to If it loads, try to login to the app again. If it does not load you will want to confirm you are connected to Wi-Fi or have cellular service. If you are connected to Wi-Fi you can try troubleshooting the connection.


Try closing the app completely and reopening the app.

After the app has relaunched try to login. Success?

If unsuccessful, try the next step.

Do a hard restart of the iPad.

After the iPad has restarted try to login. Success?

If unsuccessful, try the next step.

Check if an app update is available in the app store and then try to login again. Success?

If not successful, the last step is a final resort. You may want to contact Technical Support at 800-827-1700.

Delete the Expression app and reinstall fresh from the app store. Deleting the app is done by pressing an icon on the home screen until the apps begin to shake and then pressing the x in the top left corner of the Expression icon. This process should be a last resort. Follow these instructions to reinstall the app.