Radius floor stand: Assembly Instructions

1) Remove the baseplates from the packaging and place side by side to prepare for assembly. The back side will have a gap to optionally route power through.


2) Remove the pedestal from the packaging. Take the supplied allen wrench and remove the bolts from the top backside of stand.


3) Align the body of the pedestal over the base threads aligning the six extruding bolts into position. Use the supplied nuts to mount the body to the base. Finger or wrench tighten lightly.


4) Take the back of the pedestal and re-attach the bolts to the top of the back of the stand using supplied bolts and tool.

floor_stand_assembly-4-1 floor_stand_assembly-4-2

5) Assembly is complete.  The next step is to mount the enclosure to the stand.

Click to download PDF : Radius floor stand assembly