FloralXpress: Photo Set Queue Screen

The queue screen has the list of all flower sets taken by that device for a specific service. If there haven’t been photo sets taken on your device for the service, the queue will be empty. The queue can also be cleared after photo sets have been uploaded.

Each flower set can be in a different state of uploading: Ready for upload, uploading and uploaded.

If a photo set has not been uploaded, you can go back into the set and retake photos or edit text.

Empty queue Mixed Uploading
back button

Returns you to the previous screen, the service select screen. If you have photo sets waiting for upload, you will receive an alert notifying you of this.

upload button

Manually starts uploading all flower sets in that service’s queue waiting to be uploaded.

add button

Creates a photo set for that service. From there you will add a title, flower photo, card photo and a paragraph of text.  Only the flower photo is a required field.  The rest of the fields are optional.

clear button

Clears all uploaded photo sets from the queue. Clear list will not clear out photo sets that have yet to be uploaded.

Flower Sets:
needs upload

Flower set needs uploading. The photo set is still able to be edited at this point.


Flower set is currently uploading.


Flower set is uploaded.