Optimal iPad Settings

All these settings changes are optional, but will provide a better experience for your guests and staff. Some settings are more important than others (indicated with an *).

The following items are located in the iPad’s Settings App: 

* provides best guest experience
1 extends battery life

Set Auto-Lock to Never

Auto-lock is great for personal use because when the iPad is not being used it locks and turns the screen off which saves battery life. However, we do not want this to happen while guests are needing to register for a service. You will want to turn this feature off while using your iPad for electronic registering.

In the Settings App, on the left hand menu, tap General. On the right side, scroll down to Auto-Lock, tap it. This will bring you to the time select screen.


Select Never, the check mark will appear to the right.

Auto-Lock Never

Auto-lock is now set to never lock. To escape, tap the General button at the top of the Auto-Lock menu or simply press the Home button.

Auto-lock set

Turn Multitasking Gestures OFF

Multitasking Gestures are a great feature of iOS but they allow users to escape from apps without needing to push the home button. This can disrupt a guests experience if someone either intentionally or unintentionally uses these gestures. It is best to turn these off.

In the Settings App, on the left hand menu, tap General. On the right side, scroll down to Multitasking Gestures, flip the switch to the OFF position. Multitasking Gestures are now off.

Gestures ON


Gestures OFF

Turn Auto-Brightness OFF

Auto-Brightness is needed when changing lighting environments often and can help save on battery life for personal use. When using as a kiosk you do not need the brightness level to change. The Auto-Brightness feature is also known to be quirky and can change with no reason and get stuck on a different level. It is best to turn this off and set the best brightness level manually for the environment.

In the Settings App, on the left hand menu, tap Brightness & Wallpaper. Flip the Auto-Brightness switch to OFF.

Auto-Brightness ON


Auto-Brightness OFF

The Auto-Brightness feature is now off and you will now need to manually set the brightness level.

Set Brightness Level

The brightness level is very important in the guest experience, and it also directly affects battery life. The brighter it is set to, the shorter the battery life will last. It is best to set this at a level for your environment, not too bright and not too dark. The brightness level will mostly likely need to be changed if used in different locations, such as a cemetery or church.

You will need to have the Auto-Brightness feature turned off to manually adjust the brightness level.

In the Settings App, on the left hand menu, tap Brightness & Wallpaper.  At the top, drag the slider bar left or right. Dragging left will dim the screen, right will brighten it.

Minimum brightness


Maximum brightness

Adjust to an optimal brightness for the kiosk’s location.


The “Notification” area was introduced in iOS5 and can be intrusive to your guests kiosk experience if they pop up. We suggest you turn these off while using for a service.

Turn off Notifications

There are two ways to turn off Notifications. If using iOS6, you can turn on Do Not Disturb mode which turns off all notifications. If you are using an older iOS, you will need to manually turn off each of your installed apps notifications in the Settings app.

Check your iOS version

Turn on “Do Not Disturb” mode (only in iOS 6+)

“Do not disturb” mode turns off all messages, alerts and notifications. It is considered a temporary solution and may be turned back on.

In the Settings app, on the left hand side flip the “Do Not Disturb” switch to off.


Do Not Disturb Switch

Turn off individual notifications

For each app installed, you will need to turn off the notification settings.

In the Settings App, on the left hand menu tap “Notifications”.


Notification settings

Tap each app in the menu above and flip the “Notification Center” switch to off (below).


Notification settings

Turn off Bluetooth

Bluetooth is used to connect to devices such as hands free headsets, keyboards and car stereos. Having this powered off will help extend the battery life.

In the Settings app, on the left hand menu, tap Bluetooth.


Flip the switch to the left to turn OFF. Bluetooth power is now off.

Bluetooth ON


Bluetooth OFF

Turn Off Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts when enabled, will add an extra row of buttons to your iPad’s screen keyboard. This makes the keyboard taller, and will block the full view of some entry fields in the Expression Guest Registry app. Turn off Keyboard Shortcuts by tapping the Settings icon > tap General on the left side> tap Keyboard on the right side > then make sure Shortcuts are switched OFF.

Keyboard shortcuts OFF