Missing entries for a service

If you are missing entries for a service, it means either your iPad was not connected to the internet or it lost internet connection during use. In either case, the iPad is storing the entries locally on the iPad(s).

Disclaimer: Never delete the Expression app off of the iPad while troubleshooting.  Doing so will remove all data stored within the app, including guest entry data.

You will want to confirm that your iPad has an internet connection.

1) Open a Safari internet browser on the iPad.

2) Go to an internet address such as CNN.com or yahoo.com.

3) If the website loaded fine that means you are connected to the internet. If it did not load, you are having internet connection issues. See iPad connection issues or there could be issues with your Wi-Fi network.

If you are connected to the internet, the next step is to press the Refresh button in the bottom left corner of the Service Selection Screen. Doing this will pull the services from the dashboard and push all stored guest entries from the iPad.

!!You will need to do this step on each iPad that was used for the service(s)!!

If the above step, refreshing the app, did not work, please proceed to the next step.

If the refresh button failed to upload the entries to the dashboard, and you were successfully connected to the internet, you will need to use the offline upload feature. Use the Offline upload feature