Full Metal Jacket: Mount enclosure to non-quick release stand

All enclosures mount the same way to a non-quick release stand, like the Radius floor stand. They are screwed directly onto the stand with supplied mounting screws.

1) On the back plate of the enclosure there are two different mounting hole patterns.


Different mounting patterns

VESA 75mm – This is the narrow pattern of mounting holes which need to be used for the quick release table stands. They can also be used to mount onto other non quick release stands.

VESA 100mm – This is the wider pattern and preferred pattern to mount to a non quick release stand if possible.

2) Unlock the enclosure with the enclosure key and separate the front plate from the back plate.

fmlj_keyinlock fmlj_setup01_opening

3) While making sure the back plate is facing forward and right side up, align the hole pattern of the enclosure to the same hole pattern on the stand’s mounting plate.

mounting_plate radius_mounting_plate

3) With the supplied mounting screws and allen wrench, tighten all four screws to the stand’s mounting plate.


4) Place the iPad on the corner cushions. Make sure the top end of the iPad is pointing toward the locking side of the enclosure.


5) Put the faceplate back on, inserting the tabs first, then hinge downward lowering the faceplate onto the base.


6) Push the lock button in to lock and secure the iPad.