Full Metal Jacket Diagram

This secure iPad enclosure is radio-transparent, heavy-duty steel and aluminum. All Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and 4G radio frequencies are unimpeded in the iPad. The front of the iPad Case restricts the iPads’ Home button, so users must remain in one iPad kiosk application.




  1. Home button access – The Home button access on the front panel needs the provided Home key or paper clip to be depressed. Some versions of this enclosure do not have this access hole.
  2. Front camera access – Allows for the taking of photos with the front camera.
  3. Enclosure Lock – Locks the front faceplate to the rear plate. Secures the iPad in the enclosure.




  1. Outer Stand Mounts – When mounting to the floor stand you can use this wider mounting pattern. They are in a VESA standard 100mm pattern.
  2. Inner Stand Mounts – When mounting with tabs to the table top stand with quick release you will use these four mounting holes. They are in VESA standard 75mm pattern.
  3. Charging Port Access – This is where the provided power cable is plugged in to charge the iPad.