Full Metal Jacket: Assembly for quick-release stands

On the back plate of the enclosure there are two different mounting hole patterns. We will be using the inner narrow hole pattern or VESA 75mm for quick-release mounting.


VESA 75mm – This is the narrow pattern of mounting holes which need to be used for the quick release table stands. We will be using this pattern.

VESA 100mm – This is the wider pattern and preferred pattern to mount to a non-quick release stand if possible.

1) Gather the supplied quick release tabs (pictured below), allen wrench and mounting screws.


Quick release tabs

2) Take a quick release tab in one hand and a mounting screw in the other. Hold the tab tightly and finger tighten the screw until able to use the allen wrench to tighten. Make sure you are using the inner narrow mounting pattern or 75mm VESA (as shown above) otherwise mounting will not work.


Back with tab


Front with screw

3) Tighten each of the four tabs tightly. Once they are all secure, the next step is Mount and secure on quick-release stand.