Full Metal Jacket: Basic Operation

1) If the enclosure is locked, use the enclosure key to unlock. Insert key and turn 360 degrees and the lock pin will pop up.

Enclosure Lock and Key Locked Unlocked
fmlj_keyinlock fmlj_locked fmlj_unlocked

2) Lift the faceplate end with the lock, up and out. The faceplate will have a hinge effect.
3) Slide the faceplate down and away from the side without the lock. Sliding the tabs (pictured below) out of the rear part of the enclosure.

4) Place the iPad on the cushions, make sure the top end of the iPad is pointing toward the locking side of the enclosure.


5) Put the faceplate back on, inserting the tabs first, then hinge downward.

fmlj_setup04_close fmlj_setup03_hinge

6) Push the lock button in to secure the iPad.