FloralXpress: Upload Photo Sets to Dashboard

First off, uploading is fast and simple. By default you will need to manually initiate the upload process when finished taking all your photo sets.

Alternatively, you can turn on the auto-upload feature. If the Auto-upload setting is on, photo sets will be automatically uploaded as they are finished. If you would like to have it auto-upload while on cellular data you will also have to turn on the Upload on cellular data feature.

In the services queue screen, if next to your photo sets you see this icon floralxpress_queuescreen_needsuploadicon , these are photo sets that have yet to be uploaded to the server.


If there are photo sets that need uploading:

  1. Tap the upload button, in the top right corner of the queue screen.
  2. The icon next to each photo set will display floralxpress_queuescreen_uploadingicon as they are being uploaded.
  3. Once the photo set is uploaded the icon will change to floralxpress_queuescreen_uploadedicon.


Once all photo sets are uploaded they will be on the dashboard for viewing and printing. See Flower Pages.