Expression Setup List

Here is a quick list of items to do before using Expression Guest RegistryTM for a service.

Step 1 : Create an Apple ID

You will need an Apple ID to install the Expression app on your iPad(s). If you do not have one you will need to Create an Apple ID.

Note: This can be done on the iPad but the process is done much easier on a PC

Step 2 : Connect iPad to Wi-Fi

Connect iPad(s) to your Wi-Fi network. Connect to Wi-Fi

Note: If you do not have Wi-Fi at your location and are running only on cellular data, see your cellular data provider if you are experiencing connection issues.

Step 3 : Install the Expression App

You will need to install the Expression app on all iPads that you plan on using for digital registry.

Step 4 : Adjust iPad Settings

Here are a few suggested iPad settings to adjust for the best experience for your guests while using Expression. Use an iPad as a Kiosk