Expression: Service Selection Screen 3.0

The service selection screen is the first screen and main screen you will see after logging into the Expression Guest Registry™ app. It is a best practice to keep kiosks at this screen when not in use. From this screen you will be able check the data signal strength, battery life and start any registry quickly.


  1. Service Selection List – This is a list of all the services you created along with the dates of the services in ascending order. If you tap a name, a check mark and number will appear next to the name. By tapping the service again, the check mark will disappear. Up to nine services can be selected at a time. The order that you tap the services will be the order they appear on the guest service selection screen.
  2. Service Order Indicators – Indicates in which order the services will appear if multiple services are selected.
  3. Selected Service Display – When a service is selected the name will appear here. The order they are in is the order that the services were selected. Left to right, goes top to bottom on the Guest Service Selection screen.
  4. Refresh and Update Button – Refreshes new and changed service(s) including images from the Expression Dashboard. It will also send entries to the dashboard if the kiosk was in offline registry mode.
  5. Exit Button – To exit registry mode, press this button. You will need to know the password for your account to exit. This appears on all screens of the registry.
  6. Data Signal Indicators – Displays the type of data connection the kiosk is using. See below for the different types of connections.
  7. Battery Life Indicator- Displays the percentage of battery life remaining. When charging the kiosk the battery icon has a lightning bolt on it.
  8. Settings Menu Button- Opens the settings menu where you select translations and country location.
  9. Backup Upload – If for any reason you need to upload entries again or they did not show up while a service was live, this backup upload functionality can be used. Entries are stored on the iPad for 60 days after a service.
  10. Start Button – Appears if a service is selected. When this button is selected, the registry will start for the selected service(s). 

Types of Connections

You are connected to a Wi-Fi network. This is the optimal connection, and should be connected to Wi-Fi whenever possible. 

3G 4G or LTE

You are connected to a fast cellular data connection. The number of bars to the left of the icon will determine the speed and stability. If on one bar, data may come in and out.

E (Edge)

This indicates you are on the slowest cellular connection type. Auto-population of city and state may be a slow during registration. If issues with this occur, it may be better to turn off the data connection to disable auto population.