Expression: Outreach Account Overview

If you have signed up for the Expression Outreach account type, all your guests who sign in with their email addresses will receive a custom outreach email 24 hours after signing the registry. The outreach email has many options for guests to connect with you and your funeral home.

Customized items of the Outreach email:

  • Email is addressed from your funeral home.
  • Your logo at the top
  • Your Website link
  • Your Facebook link. If you do not have a Facebook page, there will not be a link on the letter.
  • Your Memorial store link. If you do not have a memorial store, the link will be to our memorial store by FuneralOne.
  • Your name(s) at the bottom. Up to three names and signatures.
Initial Outreach Email


Description of link actions on the outreach letter
  • E-reminders – A user is able to sign up to receive emailed reminders about important dates. These dates are set up when creating the service.
Sample of E-reminders
 Holidays  Anniversary of Death  Birthday
 Holiday_reminder deathanniv_reminder  birthday_reminder
  • Send-a-note – This is a web form that sends an email to the funeral home when the guest submits it.
  • Memorial store – This link will bring guests to your memorial store, if you have one. Otherwise it will default to a store provided by FuneralOne.
  • Advance Planning – A web form where guests enter their basic contact information and an email with their information is sent to the funeral home.
  • Questionnaire – Basic questionnaire about the service they attended. Answers are recorded on the dashboard and emailed.