Expression Guests Screen

The Guests screen allows you to search and export guests from all your services and export to a spreadsheet (CSV format).  If you have the more information check box enabled on your app, you might use this function to compile a list of all the guests who have requested more information. If you do an emailed newsletter you might use this function to export all guests who have left their email address.

Screenshot 2015-08-21 08.26.32


Anatomy of the Guest List

Each row is a guest that has signed in on your registry. This screen has all your guests compiled together from all your services.

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Name Column – This is the guest name that they entered on the registry. You can edit or delete this guest from this column.

Phone column – If you have the More Info check box enabled on Expression Guest Registry, guests have the ability to enter their phone number for later contact. If there is a zero in the column for a guest, it means they checked the box for more info but did not enter in a phone number.

Attended column – The top line in this column is the service which they attended. Below the service name is the date they signed in. If you hover over the date with your mouse, a pop-up will display the date and time.

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Any Information that doesn’t fit in its column will have two periods at the end of the text. If you hover over the text with your mouse a pop-up will display the whole text.

Advanced Search

1) You will want to first set the date range of the search. By default, the date range is set for the previous 30 days.

Date Range

2) Select your Criteria for the search.

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Guests name – You search by guests first, last or both names. It will only search in the date range that is set above.

Zip Code – If you only want to view guests within a certain zip code, enter the zip code here. If you want to view guests in multiple zip code areas enter each zip code followed by a comma without a space (e.g., 54301,54302,54303).

Remove Entries with duplicate email addresses – This would most likely be used for exporting an emailing list where you only want to add the guest to the system one time.

Guest has email address – If this is checked, results will only show guests that have an email address. Best used for exporting an emailing list.

Guest has requested more information* – If this is checked, results will only show guests that have checked the box to request more information on the app. The results will only show guests with a 0 or phone number in the phone number column. If there is a 0 here, that means that they checked the box but decided not to enter in a phone number.

*This requires that you have the Request More Info checkbox enabled on your Expression Guest Registry account.

3) Once all your criteria for your search has been set, click Search.

4) You can now either Sort your list then Export Results or just Export Results.


By default, the guest list is in Desc order by sign-in time with the most recent guest entry at the top. Sorting by column can be done at the top right of the table. Sorting should be done after a search has been made.

Screenshot 2015-08-21 07.53.59

5) Select the column you would like to sort by in the Sort By menu. Select the sort order either Ascending or Descending.

6) Click Sort.

Export Results

Results are exported in the order that you have set the sort, and is exported to a CSV file which can be opened by Microsoft Excel or any spreadsheet application.

7) Click Export Results. A file with the date range set in your search will be exported.