Expression App in Offline Mode

The Issue

When logging into the Expression app you are presented with the alert message, “Device Offline”. When the device is offline, returning guest, city and state auto-population, and credit card memorials will not work. If using the registry in offline mode, all guest entries will be stored locally on each iPad and will need to be refreshed/uploaded to the dashboard when a data connection is established.

Device offline Alert

The Reason

Your iPad does not currently have a live data connection. There are a few reasons for this, either the iPad lost connection with the Wi-Fi or cellular network or the data connections are turned off in the iPad’s settings. There is also a possibility that the internet connection to your wireless router is down.

The Fix

Make sure you have a data connection. If you are not connected to Wi-Fi and do not have cellular coverage, you will need to be connected before being able to pull new service data.