Dashboard – Home Screen Diagram

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Dashboard_column_Name Displays the name of the deceased and is set in the service details.
Dashboard_column_date This is the service date. Services are in order of most recent. The date is set when first creating the service.
Dashboard_column_entries Displays the count of guests that have registered for that service. Enabled for basic and outreach Expression accounts.
Dashboard_column_emails Displays the number of guests that have entered their email addresses for that service. Enabled for outreach account types.
Dashboard_column_flowersets Displays whether there are flower photo sets for that service or not. Enabled for all accounts types.
Dashboard_column_contributions Total contributions for that service. Enabled for outreach accounts.


Dashboard_button_edit Opens the service to edit details i.e. spelling or dates.
Dashboard_button_entries Displays all guest entries for the service. By clicking the down arrow it displays options to view entries and print materials. Enabled for basic and outreach Expression accounts.
Dashboard_button_flowers Displays actions available to print and view flower photo sets and floral pages. Enabled for all account types.
Dashboard_button_emails Clicking the down arrow displays all tracking info for emails sent. Enabled for outreach accounts.