Credit Cards Not Recognized

The Issue

The Expression app is not recognizing a card when swiped through the credit card reader or the card numbers aren’t appearing on the confirm/swipe screen (example below).


The Reason

If the credit card readers are not used often, the hardware will essentially go into sleep mode and then not be recognized by the iPad. This is a known issue by the hardware manufacture and will be addressed in a firmware update.

The Fix

  1. hard restart of the iPad will usually resolve this issue and credit cards will be recognized again. If it does not resolve the issue, move to B.
  2. Unplug the card reader from the iPad and plug back in.
    1. Disassemble the enclosure to remove the iPad and card reader.
    2. Once you have the iPad out of the enclosure, unplug the card reader from the iPad.
    3. Wait a few seconds, then plug it back in.
    4. Open the Expression app, select a service with contributions enabled. It may be a good idea to restart the app first.
    5. Tap contribute and use a suggested amount button. Swipe your card.


    If the credit card numbers appear on the swipe screen, it is working. If they do not show, try another card if you can. If they still do not show, try restarting the Expressions app.