iOS 7: Should I update?


Like with all updates there are risks for it causing problems. There is no way around it and iOS 7 is not any different. In fact it is becoming one of the most issue riddled iOS released to date and until it has been installed by the vast majority of the iOS community, some issues will not be be found. The good news however is, once they are found, Apple is pretty good about getting patches pushed out quickly. As of today the most recent update is at 7.0.3. In other words Apple has put out three fixes or patches since the first major release of iOS 7 in mid September.

The simple answer:

If you are only using the iPad for Expression Guest Registry, I would not recommend updating. I say if everything is running fine, and the extra functionality is not going to be used anyways, why risk it in this type of environment. While Expression has been tested on iOS 7 it just hasn’t been put through the ringer like it has been on iOS 5 and 6.

I admit there are some really nice new features that iOS 7 brings to the table but if you are not using the iPad for personal use they will not be utilized by Expression yet. Once you update there is no going back to iOS 6. If you run into issues you will have to wait for the fix to come from Apple.

The real choice is up to you but realize that it is taking a risk that might not be worth it yet.

Here are some common issues users are experiencing with iOS 7:

  • Wi-Fi or Bluetooth not turning on
  • Keyboard lag
  • App store crashing
  • Random freezing

Source Link with some fixes:

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