Implementing anything new, especially technology, requires a certain learning curve.  We’d like to share some best practices, which we’ve learned from funeral homes using Expression Guest Registry™:

  1. Make sure that your app is always up to date.  Updates are sent through the App Store.  Critical updates are most important, especially when they affect functionality.
  2. Create a procedure that includes charging the iPads when not in use – we recommend a “charging station”.  This ensures that the iPads are always fully charged and ready for the next service.
  3. When taking the iPads offsite, be sure to refresh services (making certain that the service is listed) before leaving the funeral home in case there is no Wi-Fi or cellular data service at the off-site location.
  4. Have a back-up plan.  Technology is great, but not perfect.  Always have a register book available in the unlikely event of technical difficulties.
  5. Use multiple kiosks.  Funeral homes using a “registration station” with multiple kiosks have the best experience with digital registry.  Long lines will create resentment from your guests, and they will blame it on the digital registry even though the line may have been as long with a traditional register book.
  6. Have an attendant on hand. Not only is the attendant necessary to assist people, it is also an opportunity to embrace with guests and explain the value of digital registry to the family.
  7. Remember to handle objections positively, always emphasizing the family benefits.  The right person representing you should be able to make everybody feel good about signing in on digital registry.  After all, they are all there to support the family.
  8. Become familiar with the support site.  On your dashboard, click HELP at the top to be introduced to the extensive technical support area and answers to the most common questions about Expression Guest Registry™.
  9. Use FloralXpress for every service – it’s free with your Expression Guest Registry™ plan and adds even more value to the register book.
  10. For the best end product, use Messenger’s free Make It! Personal software.  This software will help you create the most professional register books and other stationery products available to funeral homes, and it’s now integrated with Expression Guest Registry™ and FloralXpress for an optimal user experience.